Introductions to the staff

It is best if I introduce you to all the main characters that may appear in this blog.

Carol Receptionist

Carol – She is the face you see when you walk through the door. It will be her voice  you hear when you call. She determines the flow of appointments and directs your calls to appropriate individuals. She makes sure that your pets  food, drugs and assorted accessories are ready for pick up. She is the heart of the hospital, everything flows through her.

Angel Office Manager

Angel – She is a face you may see at the front desk. She handles most of the day-to-day business. She makes sure that we have adequate staffing, that the information on our Web site is correct and makes sure our online pharmacy is working properly. She also handles any questions or concerns our clients may have, billing issues etc. She is the brain of the hospital making day-to-day decisions.

Daniel Our Head Veterinary Technician

Daniel– As our head technician, he handles many of the technical and mechanical aspects of our medical facility. But more importantly he handles the nursing care of our hospitalized patients.  He prepares our patients for surgery, monitors them throughout surgery and post-operatively as well. He is the blood that runs through our hospital.

Anthony Assistant Veterinary Technician

Anthony – Is a part-time technician and full-time student. Like Daniel he takes care of the nursing and surgical duties of the hospital. You will see him during your appointments, usually asking you lots of questions and  getting your pets vitals prior to the doctors examination. He is the muscle of the hospital.

Stevie – Our veterinary Technician Student









Stevi – Presently she is enrolled in the Sanford-Brown veterinary technician program and is interning at Ark Animal Hospital. She practices what she learns in school and reminds us of those things we forgot in school. She is the baby of the hospital  just learning to walk.

Susi Business Manager

Susi – Handles all of the bills and payroll. Although you may see her from time to time helping at the front desk, she is more behind the scenes. Much like the bones in our body. You can’t see them but they help support everything else.

Katie Veterinary Technician











 Katie – She is the newest addition to the team. She is very knowlegdable and is really great at multitasking. She can cover any area we need, technician, surgical assistant, or receptionist. I would describe her like skin. She makes things run silky smooth much like our skin

Dr Delucia

Dr. Delucia and myself are the staff veterinarians. It is our job to examine, diagnose and treat the patients of Ark Animal Hospital. It is a profession we both love and enjoy.  Many people believe that our positions are the most important in the hospital. This is so far from the truth. Without our support staff, Dr. Delucia and I would be lost at sea.  The staff truly are the oars that make  Ark run.  For that I thank each and everyone one of them.

Thanks you,

Dr. Maxwell


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